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Open League v Seamer

By John Rowlands South Cliff Bowling Club Scarborough

Thursday, 15 July 2021


South Cliff Bowling Club Scarborough Contributor


The team faced their closest rivals in the League - Seamer - at South Cliff. There had been some enforced changes to the home team.

After 9 ends it was shaping up to be a very close contest with South Cliff dominant on one rink, being dominated on another one and leading narrowly on the third , however the aggregate was in the balance with Seamer one shot ahead so we were looking at a 4-4 outcome. With three ends to go South Cliff were down 5-27, ahead 22-10 on a second and ahead on the third by 11-8, the aggregate stood at 38-46 to Seamer so 4-4 was still the projected outcome.

With one end to go things started to get tense, South Cliff had lost their lead to be drawing 11-11, were comfortably ahead 27-10 and well-beaten 6-28 on the third giving an aggregate of 34-49. The last end saw the aggregate move in South Cliff’s favour with two rinks yielding a 4 and a 7 shot outcome. This put the home team ahead on aggregate score for the first time since the early ends. The aggregate now stood at 44-38 with one rink to finish. If South Cliff could win that they would be overall winners 6-2. Despite some excellent bowling Seamer scored a one shot victory 11-12. The final aggregate stood at 55-50 in South Cliff’s favour. So the final outcome was 4 points apiece, keeping South Cliff 15 points ahead of Seamer in the quest to win the League.

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